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Cloud Den

Cloud Mobile - Mixed


A little bit about me ...

Great and easy way to add a bit of fun that makes you smile each time you look at it. Each cloud is strung at the top with a transparent cord for hanging and can be hung against a wall or as a mobile. Strings of felt balls hang down as 'raindrops' that can be slid to different positions, allowing customisation. The cloud shape itself is also semi-rigid in form. It retains its form as a cloud as designed, but you can always reshape it into other forms such as stars, heart shape and etc as you wish.

Design by Cloud Den

What am I made from?

100% Wool felt balls

How big am I?

Approximately 20cm H (45cm including the raindrops) x 29cm W x 1.5cm D


Ready to ship 3-5 business days. If urgent, please contact us.

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